Papers from past Annual Meetings

2007  San Diego

Michael A. Farley, “What Is ‘Biblical’ Worship? Biblical Hermeneutics and Evangelical Theologies of Worship”

David P. Nelson, “Doctrine and Doxology: Some Reflections on the State of Evangelical Worship in the Twenty-First Century”

2008  Providence

Dan Aleshire, “The State of the Preparation for Worship Leadership in ATS Schools”

John Piper, “Why God Is Not a Megalomaniac in Demanding to Be Worshiped”

John D. Witvliet, “Grounding Corporate Worship in Scriptural Wisdom: Prospects of Recent Evangelical Scholarship”

2009  New Orleans    (Theme: Corporate Prayer)

Allen Ross, “Communal Prayer in the Old Testament”

Grant Osborne, “Prayer in Corporate Worship in the New Testament”

Bryan Spinks, “Corporate Prayer in Church History”

2010  Atlanta    (Theme: Worship Hermeneutics)

Daniel I. Block, “In Spirit and in Truth: The Mosaic Vision of Worship”

Peter J. Leithart, “Sacrifice and Worship after the Stoicheia”

Reggie M. Kidd, “Scripture’s Governance of Worship in Ancient-Future Perspective”

2011  San Francisco

Jonathan Blackmon, “A Song Made New: Biblical Norms for Music in Corporate Worship”

Robbie Castleman, “Contemporary Liturgical Docetism and the Re-Incarnation of Christian Worship Through Story-Shaped Liturgy” (available as part of her book Story-Shaped Worship: Following Patterns from the Bible and History)

Barry Joslin, “Raising the Worship Standard: The Translation and Meaning of Colossians 3 and Implications for Our Corporate Worship”

Ron Man, “Lessons from Global Worship”

2012  Milwaukee

Session 1   Theme: Worship and the Trinity

John D. Witvliet (Calvin Institute of Christian Worship), “The Doctrine of the Trinity and Contemporary Celebrations of Christ’s Birth, Death, and Resurrection”

Lester Ruth (Duke Divinity School), “Trinitarian Similarities and Differences in Evangelical Song: Old and New”

Andrew A. Braine (Robert E. Webber Institute for Worship Studies), “Five Dimensions of the Christian Eucharist: Biblical Foundations”

Session 2

Paul Jacobs (Liberty University), “Sing Unto The Lord A New Song: A Theological Evaluation and Analysis Of The Top 20 Contemporary
Christian Songs for 2011″

Amy F. Davis (Nyack College), “Communion: Confession and Contrition or a Redemption Celebration?”

James B. Jordan (Biblical Theological Seminary of St. Petersburg, Russia), “From Bread to Wine: Why the Ritual Sequence is Important”

John Shouse (Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary), “Baptism and the Lord’s Supper as Enacted Parables: A Narratological Study”

2013  Baltimore

Session 1   Theme: John 4 and Worship Space

H. Wayne Johnson (Trinity Evangelical Divinity School),
“John 4:19-24: Exegetical Implications for Worship and Place”

G. K. Beale (Westminster Theological Seminary),
“The Idea of the Temple in John’s Gospel, with a Focus on Temple Worship in John 4″

Edward Yang (Fuller Theological Seminary)“Sanctifying Space: The Role of Places for Corporate Worship in Light of ‘Spirit and Truth’ and ‘Body and Blood’”

Session 2  (Open Session)

Mark S. Giacobbe (Westminster Theological Seminary),
“The Sacrifice of Praise: Ancient Near Eastern and Biblical-Theological Insights on the Praise of God”

Frank Lyons (Anglican Church of North America)“‘Praise’ in the Ordo: A Third Sacrament?”

Scott Aniol (Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary)“The Mission of Worship: An Assessment of the Missional Church Movement’s Impact Upon Evangelical Worship Philosophy and Practice”

Vanessa Platek (University of Aberdeen), “Christian Worship and the Trinity: Thomas F. Torrance’s Theology of Worship in Light of His Trinitarian Theology”

2014  San Diego

Session 1   Daniel Block’s For the Glory of God: Recovering a Biblical Theology of Worship

Daniel I. Block (Wheaton College): “The Author’s Overview”

Reggie Kidd (Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando): “A Response from Biblical Studies”

Michael Farley (Covenant Theological Seminary): “A Response from Liturgical Studies”

Session 2   (Open Session)

Max Rogland (Erskine Theological Seminary): “The Shema as Christian Prayer”

Amy F. Davis Abdallah (Nyack College): “Invented Liturgies for Life Passages”

Frank Lyons (Anglican Church in North America): “Critiquing Cranmer: Ordo and Ecclesial Identity”

Rustin J. Umstattd (Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary): “The Lord’s Supper: A Case for Reclaiming the Symbolic Meal from a Symbol of a Meal”

2015  Atlanta

Session 1   Worship and the Word: Scripture Reading in Corporate Worship

Ron Man (Worship Resources International) “Revelation and Response: The Paradigm of True Worship” (PowerPoint)

Paige Patterson (Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary) A Preacher’s Perspective: “Ultimate Mystery: The Disappearance of Holy Scripture from Evangelical Worship”

Nancy Nethercott (Global Renewal of Worship Center, Robert E. Webber Institute for Worship Studies ) A Worship Leader’s Perspective: “The Woven Word: Scripture as the ‘Golden Cord’ from the Call to Worship to the Sending”

Session 2   (Open Session)

Mary Patton Baker (North Park University): “The Ritual Progression of Levitical Sacrificial Offerings and Eucharistic Worship”

Scott Connell (Boyce College/Southern Baptist Theological Seminary): “Implications for Worship from the Mount of Transfiguration”

 Amy F. Davis Abdallah (Nyack College): “Bible, Blessing, and Beyond in the Antiochian Orthodox Marriage Liturgy”

Gregory J. Stiekes (Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary): “Agreeing to Agree: Unity in Corporate Worship and Its Application to Families Worshiping Together in the Public Assembly”

2016  San Antonio

Session 1   Form and Freedom in Evangelical Worship

David Toledo (Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary): Freedom and Order in Worship: Paul’s Instructions in 1 Corinthians 14″

John Witvliet (Calvin Institute of Christian Worship): “Contested Themes in the History of Evangelical Suspicion of Liturgical Form”

Melanie Ross (Yale Institute of Sacred Music): “Roots and Rhizomes: Freedom in Evangelical Worship

Session 2   (Open Session)

David J. Calvert (Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary): “The Model of Revelation and Response in Luke 24:13-35”

Derek McNamara (Faulkner University): “A Call to Mature/Maturing Worship”

Robert Pendergraft (University of Mary Hardin Baylor): “Erik Erikson and the Church: How Corporate Worship Sustains Through Crises”

Jonathan Welch (Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary): “Why We Must Sing Along: The Theological Case For Congregational Singing”

2017  Providence

Session 1  (Open Session)

John W. Taylor (Gateway Seminary): “The Lord’s Supper in Romans: Meal and Worship in Romans 14–15 as Demonstration of the Gospel”

Matthew Westerholm (Bethlehem College & Seminary): “When Are We? Inaugurated Eschatology and Evangelical Worship Services”

Charles T. Lewis, Jr. (The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary): “Far and Near: Christian Worship of the Transcendent and Immanent God of Wonder”

David W. Hall (Midway Presbyterian Church): “Calvin: Pioneer or Pinnacle of the Reformation’s Expounding the Word by the Spirit?”

Session 2   The Reformation of Worship

Michael Farley (Covenant Theological Seminary): “Reforming Reformed Worship: Evaluating the Ideas and Outcomes of Liturgical Reformation in Reformed Churches”

Leopoldo Sanchez (Concordia Seminary): “Theology and Culture through a Hispanic Lutheran Musical Lens”

Malcolm Yarnell (Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary): “The Integrity of Worship in the Theology of Balthasar Hubmaier”

2018  Denver

Session 1  (Open Session)

W. David O. Taylor
(Fuller Theological Seminary)
The “New Song” of the Psalter as a Model for “Traditioned Innovation” in Worship

G. K. Beale
(Westminster Theological Seminary (Philadelphia))
Col. 3:16: The Psalms as the Word of Christ and Inspired by the Spirit

David J. Calvert
(Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary)
Liturgical Speech Acts in the Lord’s Supper

Zachary Jones
(Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary)
Recognizing Revelation: The Missing Biblical and Cultural Component of the Worship Paradigm

Session 2 (The Holy Spirit in Worship)

Timothy Ralston
(Dallas Theological Seminary)
The Ambiguity of “in spirit”: Addressing Disparate Approaches

James M. Hamilton Jr.
(Southern Baptist Theological Seminary)
The Holy Spirit in Christian Worship: The Life-giving Legacy of the Apostolic Band

Scott Aniol
(Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary)
The Holy Spirit’s Work in Worship: Extraordinary Experience or Disciplined Formation?

2019  San Diego

Session 1  (Worship in Hebrews)

David Allen
(Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary)
“Drawing Near”: Worship in Hebrews

Ron Man
(Worship Resources International)
Proclamation and Praise: Hebrews 2:12 and the Christology of Worship

Barry Joslin
(The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary)
Theology Unto Doxology: New Covenant Worship in Hebrews

Session 2  (Open Session)

Matthew Westerholm
(Southern Baptist Seminary)
“Lent It Go”: The Liturgical Calendar and Low-Church Tradition

Matthew Sikes
(Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary)
Does God Inhabit the Praises of His People? An Examination of Psalm 22:3

Ryan J. Martin
(First Baptist Church of Granite Falls, Minn.)
Love for Christ and Scripture Regulated Worship

Jeremy Perigo
(London School of Theology)
Contextual Yet Distinct Songs: Resonance and Uniqueness in the Hymns of the Early Church.

2020 Virtual

Session 1 – Whither Contemporary Worship?

Joshua Waggener
Mapping the Territory of Contemporary Worship Research: A Survey of Emerging Methodologies
(Research Tables)

Lester Ruth
Only One Way? Why We Would Still Have Contemporary Praise and Worship Even If There Had Been No Jesus People

Nathan Burggraff
How Has Our Song Changed? A Corpus Analysis of the Music and Lyrics in Our Congregational Songs

John Witvliet
Exploring Hidden Continuities: Why Contemporary Worship May Not Be as Innovative As We Think

Open Session

Glenn Packiam
Singing Our Way to Virtue: The Christ Hymn and Moral Formation in Colossians

Christine E. Thornton
The One, True Sacrament: The Epistemic
Signifcance of the Sacraments for T. F. Torrance

Dave Shive
C. S. Lewis on Worship: The Lord’s Beauty, the
Worth of His Praise, and Motivation for Worship

Jonathan S. Welch
Is This My Story? Is This My Song?: An Analysis of Contemporary Worship through Song Stories

2021 Fort Worth

Invited Section – Age Integrated Worship

Robert Pendergraft (University of Mary Hardin – Baylor) – Intentionally Intergenerational Worship Practice in the Old Testament Festivals

Robbie F. Castleman (John Brown University) – Intergenerational Reenactment of the Salvation Story

David Tatum (Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary) – From Multigenerational to Intergenerational: Employing Intentional Mutuality to Reconnect the Generations

Terry L. Johnson (Independent Presbyterian Church, Savannah, GA) – Catholicity and Intergenerational Worship

Open Session

Joseph R. Crider (Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary) – Weekly Production or Weekly Worship? Three Questions for Evangelical Worship Leaders

Tom Wadsworth (Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary) – The Shift: How the Early Church Evolved from House Meetings to Temple Worship

Jordan Covarelli (Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary) – The Aesthetics of the Lukan Canticles: What is Luke Doing with What He Depicts Singing?

Braden McKinley (Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary) – Confession (?) in Contemporary Worship Music